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Celebrate International Women’s Month with SoPure!
We at SoPure will be spending all of March celebrating women and sharing the stories of a few female business powerhouses who have agreed to share their wonderful stories with us!

We hope these amazing businesswomen inspire you, and you feel the same energy of empowerment and success that we did while speaking with them!
Donara Jaghinyan — is the first global Armenian business directory. It was founded with the ultimate goal to support the economic growth of Armenia.

We asked Donara a few questions about her entrepreneurial journey. Here’s what she had to say:
❓Q: How did you decide to open your business?
✅А: The idea to support Armenian businesses has always been in my mind. But after the 2020 war it was imperative to connect all Armenian businesses under one platform that will help users more easily find any Armenian business they are looking for. Also, knowing that business directories have multiple benefits for businesses and their websites we decided to combine them all and create I-AM.AM — where people can find anything Armenian.
the founder of the
❓Q: What is the mission of your company?
✅А: Connect all Armenian-owned businesses from around the world in one platform by helping them with their visibility to support Armenia. By supporting Armenian-owned businesses, we are helping to support Armenia and its economy. The power of a $1 per month subscription is small when it is one business. But once 100 or 1000 Armenians join with a $1 per month subscription knowing that subscription proceeds will be directed to Armenia, we will make a bigger impact.

❓Q: What advice would you give to women entrepreneurs who just started or are thinking about starting a business?
✅А: Keep on moving. It is very hard at all the stages of running the business yourself. Challenge yourself and you will succeed. Do what you can do best — outsource the rest.

We thank Donara for her time sharing her thoughts with us!
I-AM.AM is a wonderful female-owned platform that helps Armenians grow their business, no matter its size, by giving it exposure to Armenian customers, suppliers, and partners from around the world.

We at SoPure encourage you to explore I-AM.AM and support this great company!
We asked Taleen a few questions about her entrepreneurial journey. Here’s what she had to say:
❓Q: How did you decide to open your business?
✅А: I opened my fashion boutique because it was something I had dreamt about all my life. I was not very confident growing up, and I allowed fear and self-doubt get in my way. When it was time to go to college, I decided to go for teaching because I felt it was a safer choice, but I never stopped dreaming about owning my own small business. Eventually, I got the courage to open Taleen's Boutique in 2019, and now I am both a teacher and a small business owner.
❓Q: What is the mission of your company?
✅А: I created Taleen's Boutique with a vision for a place for women to shop cute and stylish outfits with reasonable pricing. I also wanted to ensure that I was able to offer a variety of sizes, not just the typical smalls and extra-smalls. Our slogan is «be your own kind of beautiful» with the sole intent to get this message across: everyone and everything has beauty, and it should all be embraced.

❓Q: What advice would you give to women entrepreneurs who just started or are thinking about starting a business?
✅А: I would say if you have an idea or a dream, go for it. Don't second guess or let fear get in the way, as I did for many years. It is not easy by any means, but it is definitely worth it. Even if you fail, at least you know you tried. I think that is most important because you never want to be the person standing in your own way.

Be your own kind of beautiful with ❤️
Taleen Gokberk
Linda Yenokians
We are happy to introduce you Linda Yenokians — the founder of the Upkeep skin clinic. Helping you UPKEEP your beautiful, youthful glow through the most cutting-edge aesthetic and medical services. Explore the website:

Watch this video where Linda and Hana — the nurse of the Upkeep skin clinic, answering our questions about their business journey!
the founder of the Upkeep skin clinic
❓Q: How did you decide to open your business?
✅А: As a perfectionist, my number one reason for having taken a lot of time to start my own business was that I always felt that I still needed to improve my services, they weren’t perfect yet. But I came to realize that I will always need to improve. ALWAYS. That’s the key to success. And failures are so important in this journey. Without failures, you can’t learn. And without learning, you can’t grow.

❓Q: What is the mission of your company?
✅А: What I love the most about my work is seeing lives being transformed.
I do not mean about the number on the scale, but about seeing women embrace a healthy sustainable lifestyle. Embracing who they are and healing their relationship with food, as they improve their physical and mental health through good eating habits.
I believe a healthy lifestyle is much easier and more attainable than most people think.
❓Q: What advice would you give to women entrepreneurs who just started or are thinking about starting a business?
✅А: My one advice to new entrepreneurs is to START even if it’s not perfect yet. It doesn’t have to be and there’ll never be a perfect time! If you have something to offer then the perfect time is now.

We invite you to explore Talar's account @talar_dietitian to learn some healthy tips & recipes!
Talar Aghavnie Garabedian
low-carb dietitian

We are proud to be a Women-owned business, registered with WBE Canada.

In honour of all women, we are celebrating the month by gifting you an 8% discount when using our online store this month.

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