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Using The 1L Refill Instead of 2oz, Will Reduce 77.06% of Plastic Going to Landfill

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My 5 year old daughter’s skin was sensitive to ALL hand sanitizers.  Her hands were becoming all red and irritated.  This is the only hand sanitizer that she has used that is gentle enough on her skin.  She’s been using it daily for 3 weeks now and has not had one issue.  This product is the BEST and only hand sanitizer my family will be using.

Online Review

I just happened to stumble upon it in a travel kit I purchased, I like the convenience of the spray and the rose scent❤

Instagram Review

I love the smell and effectiveness of this product. I can count on So Pure to keep hands clean and smelling great! I would highly recommend this product to my family and friends!

Amazon Review

I really like that this is a sprayable sanitizer. It just takes few spritzes, and you're good to go. The only negative is the fragrance, especially as I work with scent sensitive people. I'll have to use it out of office. I do hope they make a fragrance free version.

Maria C
Amazon Reviews

After working with this company they sent me their unscented product as replacement therefore I changed my lower rating as that addressed my dissatisfaction with the very strong scent of soft lavender. I'm still noting for others that the lavender is strong so make sure you really love the lavender as it will linger. Thank you Sopure for your customer service.

Amazon Customer
Amazon Reviews

This is by far the best hands sanitizer i ever used. What i liked the most about it is the non stickiness and how fast my hand absorb it. My favorite scent is lavender

Lynn R
Google Reviews

Unlike those gel sanitizers that make your hands sticky, So Pure makes your hands feel like you literally washed them!!! Best part is that it doesn’t leave your hands feeling dry!!

Talar N
Google Reviews

Your product made me take notice. It's simple packaging, not fancy. It's gentle on my dry winter skin.

Instagram Review

That's amazing! I have been looking for a bulk refill product that met all the specifications, and your husband may be the only one that has solved the challenge. I wish your family success with your sustainable mission!

Amazon Customer C.B.B

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